Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pallana river and Backwaters.

Pallana backwaters is famous for the great boat tragedy, which took the life of Mahakavi Kumaranasan.

Kumaranasan’s death happened quite unexpectedly, On January 16th 1924 while he was traveling in a motor boat from to Kollam to Kottayam to attend a meeting to be held there the boat was sunk when it was afloat the Pallana river thus putting an abrupt end to a prolific life. Kumaranasan was fifty one at the time of death.

Some of his major works are as follows.
Veena poovu. 1907 (fallen flower)
Nalini.(allengil oru sneham). 1911
Leela 1914
Chinthavishtayaya Seetha. 1919 (Sita immersed in thought)
Chandala bhikshuki. 1922. (beggar maid –low caste)
Dhuravastha 1922. (bad patch)
Karuna. 1923. (compassion)

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