Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ezzakki Resorts - Kuthralam [Near Five falls]

The Kollam-Thenkasi meter-guage railway line was running parallel to the road, crossing it at many places. The topography started changing slowly, as kilometers passed by and after travelling some 50 Kms, we were at the starting point of the forest regions, the last main town in the route, Punalur. Punalur is famous for its hot climate, though it lies close to the ghats. During summer season, it used to compete with Palakkad for the maximum temperature recorded. This day, it seemed to be hot, and the streets were crowded and dusty. Soon after, we crossed the old hanging bridge. The bridge is nearly 150 years old, and is still regarded as an excellent monument of the old engineering skills. The bridge is built across river Kallada, the arterial river of Kollam district.

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