Friday, February 23, 2007

Pallana coconunt farm developed by Adv. Majeed

Last week we had a trip to 'Thenkasi' a town in the Southend of Tamil Nadu. The famous water falls 'Kuthralam' is 6 kms away from here. This was a business trip, though we visited some places on the way. The frist place we halted was 'Pallana' a village near Alleppy Dist. This place for the famous boat accident which took the life of 'Mahakavi Kumaran Asan' We visited the farm land of Avt.Majeed, who is friend of our MD. This was a beautiful place with sourrounding waterscapes. Its just stone throw distance from Bay of Bengal and full of coconut trees. It's an island and we went by 'Thoni' -the traditional boat. The trip was very much arrtactive as it was an adventurous trip in the small boat. Time was nearly 9 am and we were all in empty stomachs. The tender cocconuts served by farm labours in Advocates place was nice.

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