Friday, February 23, 2007

My life in Connect + Journey through Human Resources Management.

I joined Connect Plus in October, 2004 as Recruitment Officer and now promoted as Asst. Manager. When I joined in CP monthly average recruitment was less than 10 persons and the present status is impressingly better. We have already started 2 branches in Chennai & Mumbai and flourishing towards a full-fledged recruiting consultancy with nationwide network and operations. By assisting SM, now I am co-ordinating the branch operations in fulfilling the client requirements. In the recent recruitments from Mumbai, Baroda and Chennai for Proman, Al Habib & Nagarjuna, I have done a leading role in co-ordinating interviews, forwarding medicals, ensuring travel in time etc. Our Cochin office is 100% successful in eliminating middlemen and agents, who were exploiting our recruitees. Being a dedicated employee, I am proud to be an instrument for the same. I wish if I could continue with CP for the coming years, I feel that I can contribute much more for the vision of CP ie. to become one among the top recruitment consultancies in India.

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