Thursday, April 05, 2007

Good Friday - God's Friday

Jesus died in the cross. He was a revolutionary leader. He was a poet as well as prophet. He could have escaped from the crusifixation, as he got a large number of followers. But he dropped himself to a little ordinary human being. He shown us how to accept the cross, how to plunge oneself to zero. It's very very difficult to accept failure, defeat, and finally death. We are all working for and living for victory. With out which we cannnot imagine a life. We choose suicide rather than defeat. But he crushed himself to 'Calvury' the mount of nothingness.
I am really doubtful about the easter stories. For me whether he risen up or not is a question. But he died (for our sins) to teach us what is love. Love means zero. When Lord Jesus dropped himself to the hands of Rulers of the nation, he was sacrifising his life. Whether we are ready to sacrifise in life? We are 'celeberating' the holy week with out knowing the meaning of crusifixation. We are living in laxuries, we are not ready to loose a single penny, we are not ready to face a single problem, we are not ready to take up a little pain - and we say we are the disciples of Jesus Christ.
Our churches are fighting everyday in the middle of the street, for nothing but 'power' and 'money'. In the name of jesus, we fight each other. It's really crusifying Jesus again and again. Jesus tought us a way of simple living and loving eache other without any barriers. We started building barrier and claiming that we are the true followers of Christ. We commersilised Christ for our own benefits. We sold his label of making money, building institutions, claiming fame, gaining power. But lookt at the face of Jesus from Nazereth.. He was not an emporar, not a King. He was an ordinary man, who lived with ordinary people. Worked hard and tought us work hard, earn living, and help others.
He taken all the pains, all the defeat, all the humiliations with out opening his mouth. This is the sign of divininty in him. Not that he had risen up after 3 days. He could have used the mob and fought against the rulers and priest of the country. But he did'nt, he accepted the defeat and humiliations. Easter is made for celebrations. For eating and drinking. Is it the only way for being happy. Can we get peace of mind though this worldy celebrations??

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