Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Will I die this year ???

Year 2007 is very very important for me, becouse I am turning 33 this year. Jesus Christ, Lord Budha, Krishna Bhagvan died at the age of 33. I think Prophet Mohammed also died at the same age. So it's the perfect age for death to come. But fortunately death is not in our controll, and I am very much afraid of suicide. To be frankly to say I don't have the courage to call my own death.
But somehow I got the feeling that I will die in this year. May be of an accident, major disease or muder ??? I doubt muder will catch me, unless and otherwise by mistake. Anyhow I don't have the guttzz to commit suicide. I even fear to watch my mom killing a chicken for our dinner. I don't have the guttzz ....
Sometimes I used to feel myself like, a man who died and risen. If we die how we will come to know about?? Whether this world will continue to be same in our 'eyes' or 'memories' or 'experiance' ??!! If then how will we come to know that we are dead?? This question is hounting me for many years. Being dead and living like a live man. It too difficult for me to imagine.

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