Thursday, April 05, 2007

Did Jesus Christ lived in India ???

The famous book "Jesus Lived in India: His unkown life before and afterthe crucifixion" by Mr Holger Kersten, which also provides a detailed andgreatly fasciniting account of the life of Jesus; especially the 12 unaccounted years of his life, and the remainder of his life after crucifixion. The authorclaims that Jesus had not died on the cross, and was brought back to India by his disciples. In India Jesus spent rest of his life (about 30 years) mostly inKashmir, and died there. There is still a tomb/samadhi dedicated to Jesus. Evenprior to this, when Jesus was 12 years old he came to India and got initiatedunder a Buddhist Monk in Ladakh and himslef became a Buddhist monk. On his wayback to Israel, he preached Buddhism and established Buddhist monstaries allover the middle east. According to the author, several middle eastern countriesaccepted Buddhism as the state religion and continued to practice Buddhism until they fell to Islamic onslaught in 6-7th century AD. The book even citesnumerous archaeological, biblical, historical facts, and the contemporary Hindu scriptures in support of his findings. He quotes Puranas where there is clearmention of the Jesus's sojourn to India. The author also made trips to Kashmir,Ladakh and other parts of India in 1970's to verify some of the legends andrumours first hand. And it seems he achieved remarkable success insubstantiating most of the claims made by Nicolai Notovitch. It is a fascinitingbook and sheds new light on the Jesus, bible, and influence of Hindu/Buddhistphilosophy on the social and religious events of that period in middle east.Mr Kersten even makes an attempt to trace the ancestry of Moses to Indiaby quoting Jewish and Hindu scriptures, and shows remarkable similarity betweenold jewish traditions and Vedic rituals. The book is must for those who havean inquisitive mind to visualize a unity among all the religions or looking fora common source for all ancient religions.

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