Saturday, April 21, 2007

I have resigned from Connect+

Yes, after long time dilema, the time has arrived to put my paper. Eventhough it's due to health reasons, I am happy to come out of CP. I am not really happy with the present conditions and attitude of our mamagement, which is the most relavent reason for this dicision. Past 3 years I am with CP and I have seen many faces coming and going. Including my nearest friend Kavi joined, resigned, rejoined and finally went out of CP last month. Suddenly she took 3 days leave under medical grounds and put the paper on 4'th day even without coming to office. People should think why employees are running away. Samething happened in the case of Shemeem also. Why people runaway one fine morning. It indicates the relationship. We can easiliy blame the employees, that they are not matured and loyal. But what is the reason? what makes them to quite one job with out any guilt? Recruitment is crucial now a days, same like Retaining. I personally beleive 'Retaining' is more important now a days. The management cannot think like Kangaroos. Blindly believing that all employees are happy and they will never find other job and they will remain for ever and ever with us, as they won't get any other opportunity!!!
Anyhow my case is different. I have decided to take 2 months rest inorder to regain my health. This was a difficult decision after long months thinking, discusions with my wife and parents, consulting with my best friend Mr.KK and I cannot procrastinate this for anymore long. Still my company is opting for long term leave for 2-3 months and coming back to CP. To be frankly and precisely I am not intersted in working with CP anymore!! Let's see .............

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