Monday, March 12, 2007

World cup Cricket and India

All of my friends are behind World cup cricket mania... What is there,this much to celebrate? Propogate? only few countries are participating and calling it World cup ??!! Cricket is a foolish game developed by British people to spend their lissure time. It's not for the poor countries like India, Pakisthan & Bangladesh. Let, Germans, Aussies, New Zealand people play this game. Not us. Wasting hours and hours of time for this is cruel and unforgivable. Take Football, Tennis, Hockey, Voley, Basket Ball ..... all takes 90 minuts or same. Cricket grabs the whole day or couple of days. Crores of people spend their valuable time watching this foolish game in TV. People in India, loose thier jobs, take leave, or with out sleeping through out the night watch TV and this bloody game.
It's a national wastage... of time, energy, money .......

Let us limit ourselves to minimum entertainments and Build our nation to a developed country by 2020 !!!

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