Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My friends are my biggest assets - Yes, I am a rich man in this world.

Today only I had gone through my friend's blogging pages. I really love my friends than anyone in this world. God has given me lots of good friends through whom I learned what is the meaning of this life.

Our life is to share what we have, to care for otheres and not to indulge in...

Its really nice.. Blogging is a great relief for many.

It brings out the inner feelings, creativity and imagination of many people.

Today one of my friend after seeing my orkut profile told me that he won't talk to me or chat with me. He want to cut me from his friends list. I know what provoked him. [jus go through my orkut profile] I simply replied to him:

'me too agree with you "only jesus our lord can save us" why you want to keep yourself away from me? jesus told love your enemy as i loved you.. becouse love is god. right??'

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Chathankeril said...

Where is your best friend 'Kavi' darling ?????