Friday, March 09, 2007

Our Family photo album [Flash back]

This is my family .........!!!

One more person is there. Our 'Manukuttan'... You can see him down here. He is our seet little kid... thakkudu kuttan.

Let me introduce this team first.

  • From Left: 1) Mr.A F Poulose -My brother-in-law 2) Mrs.Jaisy Paul -My sister with Mr.Arvin & Ms.Arsha 3) My Dad -Mr.C P Varkey 4) My Lovely Mom -Mrs.Thankamma Varkey 5) Myself & Ajitha in wedding dress. 6) Ajitha's Mom -Mrs.Mary 7) Mr.Anto & Ms.Alina - kids of Anila & Chacko. 8) Mr.Chacko -Anila Chey's husband. 9) Ajitha's dad -Mr.Alexander [aka. Alex Mash -he is a music teacher] 10) Ms.Sholey -Younger sister of Ajitha [She is getting married by next month]. 11)Mr.Aneesh -Younger brother of Ajitha [He is working in Militry services and at present in West Bengal]. 12) Mrs.Anila -Elder sister of Ajitha [who got married to Mr.Chacko and settled in Thalayolaparambu]

Coming from different families, different autmosphere, different culture, different attitudes etc etc.. we joined together to lead a new life with all your blessing and God's grace.

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