Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back to Ayurveda treatment at Tripunithura (Puthiyakavu)

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Dr.Abdul Shukoor M M (Ayurveda - Ernakulam)
Karumalloor-683102. Phone: 0484-2670255

Salyatantra(surgery & orthopedics)This is one of the major clinical departments and provides treatment for several diseases especially of marma (vital parts of the body) origin. The ksharasutra theatre attached to the department provides effective management for fistula in ano and piles. X-ray unit was commissioned recently in the department. The museum is arranged with surgical instruments and educative charts. There is a mini physiotherapy unit also. An agnikarma unit is also functioning in the department. Research schemes on back ache and cancer are under consideration with the Central Govt. A special centre for sports medicine is being discussed with Kerala Sports Council. Kerala Government and Mahathma Gandhi University has recognised the department as a centre to impart postgraduate training in salyatantra. The concurrence from CCIM is awaited in this regard.
"What is Ksharasutra Treatment"
Kshara-sutra is a medicated thread which is prepared by applying the coatings of apamarg kshara, haridra churna etc. with snuhi ksheer as binding agent. The thread is then sterilized by U V Radiation. The cumulative effect of the above-mentioned three drugs exerts a powerful debridement effect on the fistula tract & induces healing by the fresh & healthy granulation tissues. The sutra is the mechanism of drug delivery precisely at the tissues involved.